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‘Ragamuffin’ is coming to theaters in Spring 2014.

Ragamuffin is the true story of Rich Mullins, a prodigy musician who rose to Christian music fame...

Christina Aguilera – My Reflection

Jerrold provided Pre-Production Editing of the tracks from the record and assisted in the mix at Capital Records, Studio B. Jerrold also ran Pro...

John Lennon: Declassified

Jerrold scored the Declassified series, edited the dialog, edited the sound fx, and mixed it for broadcast.

DECLASSIFIED opens up the archives of this questionable...

Liberty’s Kids

Jerrold composed additional music, provided sound fx, and mixing services.

Liberty’s Kids: History comes alive in this excellent Emmy and Humanitas Award-nominated 40-episode, animated series...

Extreme Drumming – Marco Minnemann

Jerrold recorded and mixed the DVD for Warner Brothers.

Extreme Drumming – Marco Minnemann: Marco Minnemann has exploded onto the drumming scene with his amazing...

A Finger, Two Dots Then Me

Jerrold was the supervising sound editor, dialog editor, sound fx editor, and rerecording mixer.

‘A Finger, Two Dots Then Me’ is a spoken-word piece based...